You’ve Been Underground Too Long

Trench Warfare can be traced back to the Civil War and was common along the western front. These long deep ditches were dug as a protective defense primarily in World War I. With the increased use of modern weaponry, the trenches helped shield gunfire, and some even served as a barrier with the onslaught usage of gas warfare.

The conditions of the trenches were unsanitary, and disease spread rapidly. Due to the immediate threat of danger, most soldiers were likely to become shell shocked and suffer from what we now recognize as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The use of trench warfare has since been outdated due to the number of casualties it produced, but there is much to be learned from our times in the trenches.

While buried underground in the trenches, you learned to equip yourself, strategize, and bunker down for the long haul. Your vantage point may have been low, but you had moments that allowed you to peak to the horizon of your possibilities.  You learned how to fight off diseases meant to attack your life, your relationships, and even your finances. Friend, you have been thoroughly trained in trench warfare, but to win the war waged on your life, you are going to have to run to the hills for victory.

As the late Dr. Robert H. Schuller says, “Tough times don’t last always, but tough people do.” It will be up to you to put the “S” on your chest and forge ahead victoriously. The choice to achieve higher is based on the chances you take, not the excuses you make. This week evaluate your life and where you want to go. You might find that you need to get out of the trenches to get there.

Love and Grace,

Keep Going