Your Race to Run

“Hands on the bag.” Four of the most distressful words out of my trainers’ mouth during our daily small group sessions. Proceeded by a cloud of smoke and a team of people running for their lives around a coned circle while their hands lightly grip a football drill bag is a sight of wonder and will.

When we began running this drill back in May, the circle was smaller, the laps were fewer, and the pace seemed much slower.  It looked like an entirely different workout.  The short burst of power and speed work every inch of your body and have become a necessary evil for myself and my fellow trainer partners.

Some days when I walk into the gym and see the coned circle, there is a bit of anxiety that sets in. I fear the cramps in my legs and the constant call out of a higher number of laps around the circle. I know I am not alone in my feelings. The anguish is written over all of the faces of my fellow teammates as they walk into the training room too.

As we take our mark to sprint, Dooley vigorously yells, “Hands on the bag.” I immediately give myself an internal pep talk. I say, “Run your race, Brandi, finish it, and don’t quit.” As simple as it sounds, it’s the hardest thing to do when you are no longer running against your body, and you have to run against your mind.

With only 63-days left in 2018, your hands should still be on the bag. Not necessarily a football bag, but your hands should be on the goals you set over 300 days ago. You should always be propelling them forward and running like your life depends on it, because it does. The moment you get in your head and allow the fatigue to set in, you will stop, and take your hands off the very thing you were meant to secure.

The rules are simple; only one person to a bag.  Be it your health, finances, relationships or your freedom, get down, take your mark, and put your hands on the bag. In the fourth quarter, you are no longer running on the ability of the body. You are now running on the will and determination of the mind.

Others may have gotten a head start and may even seem like they have left you in the dust, remember, this is your race to run. Let them see you struggle, but never let them see you quit. Get your hands on the bag and GO!

Keep Going