You Should Be Uncomfortable

When I decided I wanted to be a fitness competitor, in 2007, I talked with eight-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney, and asked him to train me. Instead, he referred me to a husband-and-wife team. When I walked in for my consultation with Roc and Gina, who would prepare me for my first competition, their new gym still had papers on the floor to mark where the equipment would go.

In my first training session with Roc, he told me to lunge down the floor and back. “Oh, I don’t do lunges,” I said, fully expecting that he would give me something else to do. My previous trainer had always been easily swayed by what I wanted to do or not do. If I didn’t feel like doing lunges, she didn’t try to force me to do them. Roc had a different response to my refusal. “If you don’t get the weights in your hands and do them fucking lunges—” I did what he said.

I had to accept that I had to change some things if I was going to accomplish my goal. I had to meal prep, follow a specific training schedule, and bring a new focus and intention to my workouts. I had to lift heavy and do a crazy number of reps. And whether I liked them or not, I had to do those lunges.

Success is not going to come neatly wrapped in the package of your choosing. There will be things along the way that you don’t want to do. Be it lunges, therapy, or a budget, you are going to have to stop running from what makes you uncomfortable.

Champions are distance runners that believe their greatness can only be found outside of their comfort zone. Whether you have to push, pull, or crawl; fight until the very end. You don’t have to love it, but to win, you must be willing to beat it. There are 155 days left in the year, its time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Love and Grace,


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