You Need Devotion

My parents loved music, and our house was always filled with the sounds of soul. From funk to rock, pop and jazz, there was always something blaring from the record player, cassette deck or CD player.

Their favorite group of all time was and still is, Earth, Wind, and Fire. This band mixed soul, funk, jazz, rhythm and blues to create a sound that was unique and all their own. Even their album covers reflected a deep connection to metaphysics, spirituality, and the world around them. They were the standard in our house for musical artistry and creativity.

In 1974, lead band members Maurice White and Philip Bailey penned the words to the song “Devotion” for the album Open Our Eyes. Written during a time when America felt anything but devoted, the song expressed profound concern for humanity and encapsulated the emotions of the 1970s.

The group recorded their live album entitled Gratitude in Atlanta one year later, and they took every listener on a rhythmic journey that left many wanting to pass the collection plate. When Philip Bailey opens the song “Devotion,” he says, “We believe if there’s anything you want to do in life, you need devotion.” The song could have stopped right there; the sermon was delivered.

As I drove home from the gym this morning, the word devotion popped into my mind. I thought about the new goals I have set, and the type of life I envision leading in the upcoming year. I decided that if I want to achieve any of these things on my list, I better become devoted to the process right now.

Success begins and ends within the confines of your mind. Becoming dedicated to your plans begins the moment you set your mind in the right direction. You have to focus on what is important to you and stick to it. That may mean refining your goals to shorter, more realistic ones that have clear dates and deadlines.

Devotion to your dreams requires a high level of accountability. If you can’t hold yourself accountable, get a partner, coach or mentor who can help you stay on track. Remember, they are not there to carry your load, they are there to assist, by offering wisdom, guidance, and an occasional push forward.

Philip Bailey sang us a whole word when he said, “Your devotion opens all life’s treasure.” Commit yourself to live better and become the best version of yourself. The days grow brighter the moment you shine your light and get some devotion.

Keep Going