You Have Everything You Need to Get What You Want

No matter how impossible it might seem to create the life you envision for yourself, you can make it happen. You have the power of your mind, your greatest gift, and when you harness that power, nothing is out of reach.

If you’re like most women, you have at least one goal that’s so big it scares you. Whether you paste it on your vision board, share it with your friends, or keep it to yourself, you really want it. But deep inside, you’re not sure you can have it. In fact, you’re pretty sure it will never really happen for you. It may seem impossible to get everything you want, but the truth is that you already have everything you need to accomplish any goal you choose to go after.

Arguments to the contrary may be running through your head as you read this. You think you don’t have enough money, enough time, enough talent, the right degrees or certificates, or the right connections. And you may be correct. In your current situation, you might find it difficult to put your hands on the things you need to make your dream a reality.

Now, you probably have more available time than you think (the same 24-hour days Oprah and Beyoncé have). You could choose to allocate more of your money to the pursuit of your dream. You could put yourself out in the world and give powerful people a reason to connect with you. But let’s assume you really are lacking the resources you need.

You want to be a doctor, but you have a full-time job and no money to go back to school.

You want to start a clothing line, but you don’t have start-up money.

You want a new job, but what you do now is all you know how to do.

You want to spend a year living in South Africa, but you have responsibilities at home.

The odds against you may seem insurmountable. But because you have the gift of the human mind—your ability to imagine and create, focus and commit—you can find a way over, under, or around any obstacle standing between you and your dream. Here’s how.

Study success and apply what you learn.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Start with an open mind and a willingness to accept that what you’ve always believed to be true could actually be wrong. If you have 100 pounds to lose, find people who have lost the weight and kept it off. Read about their habits and routines. Immerse yourself in success clues. If you’re watching TV, watch shows that will help you reach your goal. On social media, find groups of people who’ve done what you want to do. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Take action, always assessing to see how it’s working for you.

Start living your goal on a small scale now.

How would your life be different if you made the leap and moved to a foreign country? Would you need an online job so you could work from anywhere? Find one now and see how you like working from home. Need to learn a second language? Download the Duolingo App and build your vocabulary with daily practice. Find local cultural groups where you can experience some of the culture of the place you plan to live.

Commit to a plan.

As you learn more about how to achieve your goal, write out your plan. Keep it where you can see it, and work on it every day. Hold yourself accountable for making consistent progress. Check in with your plan regularly to make sure you’re on track. Discipline yourself to put your dreams before distractions.

Get support.

No man or woman has ever done anything that matters without some help along the away. If your family and friends understand your goal and want to support you, that’s great, but don’t depend on them. Create your own support network. Go to a meetup with likeminded people, join a mastermind group or a goal-specific club or organization, or hire the support you need.

Celebrate your small successes!

Don’t wait until you finally achieve your big goal to pat yourself on the back. Every small step is progress, so acknowledge your efforts. Each time you celebrate with your happy dance, your favorite song, or whatever makes you feel good (without negative side effects), your brain gets a shot of mood-boosting chemicals. That reward trains your brain to look forward to taking action. And when action becomes a habit, you become unstoppable.

Keep Going