You Decide What Lives

The other day while sitting in my nephew BJ’s room, he held up his Green Bay Packers helmet and said, “BB, I’m a coach. I am going to coach this team.” I said, “Wow, friend, I know that’s right. If you say it, I believe it.” And he went right back to doing what he was doing.

That moment stuck with me the whole day. I ended up telling his parents what he shared with me, and they just smiled and nodded. They said he has never expressed that to them. I felt proud as the cool Auntie. At three years old, my nephew is manifesting his dreams out loud.

At that tender age, so many of us shared our wildest imaginations without care. It didn’t matter if we wanted to become a superhero or a magician; we believed we would ultimately become those things.

Somewhere along the way, you may have lost those dreams and ideas of who you could become. You have talked yourself down, and out of all the things that you once believed you were deserving of achieving. Although you may have turned into something else, that feeling is still there.

This week I want you to know, you get to decide what lives and what dies. No matter what has been told to you, or what you have told yourself; your dreams still matter, and they are worth living out. As Les Brown says, “No one will take better care of your dreams than you.” While you are taking care of your health, its time you take care of your dreams.

Keep Going