You Can’t Get Something for Nothing

Let’s be real. Most people want something for nothing. They want the hook-up. They want free entrance and they want to be compensated for a limited amount of effort. Yeah, I said the very thing that many of you were thinking.

You see, the Bible mentions the word WORK 793 times and for some reason, many people think they can get out of doing the real work in their lives. The work I’m referring to is the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual work it takes to elevate to the next level.

Many will say no to the workouts, the extra courses, and the inner work it takes to become successful in reaching their goals. They will pass and take the easy way out. But, those who persevere despite it being difficult will see the results that others will never see.

I want you to look at your life this week and examine where you have been cutting corners. Where have you been shortchanging yourself and your success?

We can look at other people, but if you’re honest; you have to look at yourself in the mirror. You can’t get something for nothing! All things WORK together for your good.

Keep Going