Withhold Nothing

“Withholding nothing, that’s what love requires of us. To withhold nothing.” I spoke these words in conversation with my sister and a new acquaintance while sitting at a retreat this weekend. We were talking about the previous day’s session at the Attune Festival, during which John Wineland explored how we can experience more profound and more loving relationships.

When met with individuals who want to terminate their relationships for reasons other than abuse and danger, Wineland prescribes them to fully commit to their partner, by giving them their total love and devotion for 6-months. If nothing changes, you can bow out of the relationship, knowing you gave it your all. In the end, he finds that most couples stay together because they both are being met with what they need. More of the other person.

If we viewed the people we are in deep relationships with as divine; we would give them more of us. We would extend more love, more joy, more respect, and more devotion. When we choose to withhold our love, we end up getting less of what we desire and more of what we don’t want.

We reflect God’s divine love in how we first treat ourselves. The more love you give to yourself by self- prioritizing, meditating, speaking without judgment, and forgiving yourself quickly, the more love will be reflected. Remember, the moment you withhold love, you unleash fear.

Focus all of your intentions this week on giving more. Whatever your “IT” is, give it your all. Don’t hold anything back for the next 6-months and watch the Divine bestow that exact fervor in your life and beyond. Withholding nothing.

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