Why Settle When You Can Select

In 2005, Campbell Soup launched a new media campaign to promote its premium line of Select Soups. Armed with a $20 Million-dollar budget, and famed actors like John Lithgow to sing and dance their way into our living rooms, Campbells didn’t hold back when trying to persuade consumers to pay more for products that were presented as better quality. They ended the commercial by saying, “Why settle when you can select.”

If you are going to win in this new decade, you had better stop settling and start becoming more selective about where you spend your time, your money, and who you are in a relationship with.

Time doesn’t come with renewal, and it is not refundable. We each get 24 hours a day to create the lives we want. Set daily goals, use a timer, and become a hoarder with your time. Success comes to people who plan and execute all within a certain amount of time.

Let’s be clear; your whole life cannot be a one-click away. Some things you desire are going to require not just your time but your money as well. How will you be able to accomplish them if you have spent all your money on frivolous deals of the day? Remember, money doesn’t just help us live our dreams; it also helps us fund our dreams.

Everybody can’t have you, and everybody can’t handle you. You are going to have to become unavailable to some people, so God can show you who is really available for you. Hanging around leads to hanging on, and we left that in the last decade.

Just like Campbell’s soup knew that what they were offering was premium, you too better become aware of your premium value. Stop the self-sabotaging, the feelings of inadequacy, and thoughts of unworthiness, and get selective about your time, your money, and your relationships.

No apologies are necessary when you start selecting the best and stop settling for the rest.

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