Walk On Water

Breakthrough Sold Separately: Get Out of the Boat of Mediocrity and Walk on Water is now available. I wish I could truly put into words the love and gratitude I feel for this new chapter of my life.

I have worked so hard to get here. Not just the work you can see on the outside, but the real work of healing the inside. As I say in the book, “heart work is hard work.” Although it hasn’t been easy, I realized over the years, that I had to lose in order to win. I had to lose the victim’s story and take 100% responsibility for my life, and I had to lose the fear.

Fear makes you second guess your abilities, it makes you play small in rooms that require you to be bigger, and it keeps you chained to the boat of despair. No more. You are ready to shake off the chains of the past and step into your divine destiny.

I know it’s scary to go where you’ve never gone before, but what’s even more frightening, is getting the life someone else has deemed you worthy of having, and not the life you deserve. Life is tough, but what I know for sure is, failing is so much harder than succeeding.

My prayer is that this book serves as your freedom papers, and your license to break every chain that has kept you stuck in the boat of mediocrity. If you are ready to journey deeper and heal your life, get your copy today. This is your time to walk on water. You won’t win unless you begin.

Keep Going