Unblock Your Channels

This morning while lying on the acupuncturist’s table, I struck up a conversation about my ankle injury and its healing process. Having used acupuncture previously to recover from a hip injury, I knew acupuncture worked. It just takes time and patience. Before we began, I asked, what was the exact purpose of each needle. She said, “Due to your inflammation or as we say, stagnation, the Chi (Qi) is not flowing through the body. Where your ankle is having pain is connected to a channel that flows from the foot, the gallbladder and urinary tract, all the way to the top of your head.  Part of your channel is blocked; we need to unblock it.”

I am so glad she framed it that way before she inserted a single needle. It gave me a place to focus my intentions during the session. I sent all of my power to releasing blockage and stagnation within my body’s channels. I could feel the release of energy throughout my foot, ankle and left side of my body. My chi was flowing.

As I lay on the table in the stillness, I looked above the door where a message was placed just for me. The words read: Believe. Anything is possible if you believe. Talk about the Universe conspiring in my favor. My channels were getting unblocked in that very moment.

Abundance, love, health and wealth must be able to flow freely throughout our bodies and our lives. The more blocked channels we have, the harder it is for us to get what we need. Just think of all the toxic relationships, conversations and self-sabotaging behaviors you have had. You have created some significant blockage. Until you unblock your power source and believe in the force flowing through you, your life will remain stagnant.

Believe in the highest love, and most profound healing for your life and the power will flow. Remember you are a living, breathing miracle. You have been placed on the planet to manifest the highest calling for your life. How you walk, talk, live, work and heal is a reflection of how big or little you are willing to believe. Fuel your life force and allow your channels to flow you into freedom. Your greatness awaits.

Keep Going