There is No Devil

Growing up in the church, I was privy to the typical church banter. Each week, I heard about the Devil that lived underneath my feet. I learned songs that taught me to stomp him down and keep him in his place. I was told that I would be met by him, and I could easily be tricked into wrongdoing.

The Devil did seem quite scary to me a child. He always seemed to be lurking and waiting in the shadows. The constant threat of my demise always loomed. I mean, who wouldn’t be frightened at the thought of living your eternity in the fiery pits of hell with a red horned creature.

As I have matured, I have come to believe that the real Devil lies within us. The horned creature usually shows its face to us through the decisions we make. Our inner critic fuels those decisions that are rooted in procrastination, assumptions, and excuses.

Just think about it. When procrastination sets in, we say things like, “I’m starting my goals on the 1st” knowing good and well it’s the 15th of the month. The only thing that happens at that moment is you gain two more weeks of sitting back time. You know, more time to sit back and watch others.

While you are sitting back watching others live out their lives, you often assume the thoughts they have about you. We think others don’t like us and don’t want to see us win. We project these critical views we have of ourselves and our low self-esteem onto others, and it ends up costing us too much. You pay in gossip, false accusations and unhealthy relationships. All of which spread evil and wreak havoc in our lives.

Excuses keep you the expert of speculation and the guru of opinions. Not only do excuses destroy your dreams, but they kill your faith. They never allow anything of substance to grow. These demonic seeds are never grown outside of you; they are only planted and cultivated in the soil within you.

Over time, you have given so much power to the Devil by wasting time, assuming the worst and making a laundry list of nothingness that you have stripped yourself of your control. Today you get all your energy back. God only wants you to win and live out the highest calling for your life. There is no Devil in hell waiting to stop you. Level up and decide to walk in your power. Claim it, abide in it and don’t waste another minute. Your greatness awaits.

Keep Going