The Road to Wellness

In 2016, I made the divine connection that everything in my life was connected. From the food I was eating, the cocktails I was drinking, the thoughts I was thinking, to who I was spending my time with, all deeply mattered. They each had grave effects on my overall well-being. The moment this light bulb went off, my life expanded.

This journey of health has taught me that the road to wellness is not an expressway. You will not be able to Uber your way to wholeness, nor will you be to place it in the hands of someone else. It will require your time, consistency and dedication to eliminate toxic relationships with food, people and most importantly with yourself. Who and what is around you matters. The moment you decide to change your mind, you have chosen to change your life.

Changing your mind may be the first step, but what follows will be the difference between success and failure. I have found that setting boundaries, forming a team and creating a daily practice have helped ensure I stay the course.

Setting boundaries safeguard you from emotional, mental and physical harm. You do not owe everyone a front row seat in your life. Some people are better off seated in the exit row. The more you acknowledge your feelings and stop picking up another person’s baggage, the clearer your path will become.

Building your very own “Dream Team” will help you navigate on the journey. Personal trainers, coaches, and the therapist will help lead you to the answers; not give you the answers. They will not be able to do the work for you, but they will encourage you as you build stamina and endurance to climb the mountain of your life.

Creating daily practices and rituals of prayer, meditation or quiet time will help silence the mind to outside noise. By giving yourself permission to breathe, you will begin to get clear in your mind, and manifest good thoughts. Silence will make way for abundance to flow freely through your life and the lives of those you encounter.

The journey BEYOND begins on the path of wellness. This process is not easy, but it’s worth every ounce of time, energy and effort. You have been purposed to do something remarkable in the world, but you must be in good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to manifest it.

This community is here to love and affirm you along the journey of your choosing. Find your voice, nurture your spirit and take control of your healing. You have everything you need to live your best life, and you don’t have to go back and forth about it.

Keep Going