The Game of Life

Most people would never know how much I love watching the Crossfit Games. I love seeing strong people, and in particular strong women push their bodies to the limit and do what seems to be impossible.

Recently, I have found myself watching the games before I go to bed at night as a way to lull myself to sleep. I know. Don’t judge me, we all have our “thing.”

Seeing my love for the games, my sister recently asked me if I would like to compete on that level at some point.

I told her that I wasn’t interested in competing in Crossfit. Those athletes are committed to training day in and day out to fight for the title of “Fittest on Earth.” They devote hours to training, eating, and recovery, leaving little time for anything else. They push their bodies and minds to fight through extreme pain, exhaustion and muscle fatigue over days of competition.

As I thought about it, the Crossfit Games resemble the game of life.

Each day we push ourselves past exhaustion, pain, and fatigue to reach our goals and achieve our dreams. We train for hours in our field of expertise to become the best, all while managing our food intake, recovery time and our need for life balance.

With the year swiftly closing and you embark on the final year of this decade; settle into the fact that life is like a never-ending game of CrossFit.

No one is going to carry the weight, push you forward, or lift you into triumph. All of that work will be up to you. Set your sights high, zone in and don’t take your foot off the gas. Everything you do or don’t do will define this era, but most of all your life. Play to win!

Keep Going