The Creator Didn’t Make a Mistake

Learning to love me has been one of the hardest things on my healing journey. It took so much time. It took so much energy, and it took a whole lot of effort. It came in waves and stages. From learning to love myself through how I fed my body, to loving my spirit enough to feed it soul-stirring food that elevated me to think higher and dream bigger. The journey has been worth it.

Self-love is easier said than done. To reprogram your mind from all of the lies you have been told and to forgive yourself from all the mistakes you have made can be hard as hell, but you are worth the work.

Committing to loving myself meant I could no longer show up for people before I showed up for myself. It meant I could not love anyone in a way that I was not willing to love myself. I removed the dating, the sex, the alcohol, and the drugs. It was tough to let it go, but I had to get clear on what made me feel safe, loved, and ultimately protected.

This week, I want you to get clear on what’s been holding you back from the love you truly deserve. The love you give yourself will show up in every area of your life. From what you eat and drink, to who you spend your time with, to the dreams you choose to go after.

Looking in the mirror and loving the person looking back at you takes courage. Breaking free from everything that once had you stuck is your highest form of bravery. Lean into your divine beauty. The Creator didn’t make a mistake. You were made to love. Be loving and kind to yourself.

Keep Going