Stop Working in Isolation

If you were anything like me in grade school, you had a complete dislike for group assignments. Before getting started on the project, the teacher would lay out the roles each team must fill for the project to be completed. There always needed to be a speaker, leader, recorder, organizer, and timekeeper in place for the assignment to receive full credit.

I knew I could fare much better if I played alone in the sandbox of life. I would cringe at the thought of some of my classmates speaking on my behalf or recording information with their poor penmanship. My internal competition to be the best made me look at others with small eyes. I could handle these assignments better if I were alone.

My disdain for group assignments stayed with me through high school, college and when I attempted graduate school. I knew that if I worked alone, I would be solely responsible for my success or failure. I could work at my own pace and procrastinate when I didn’t feel like doing work promptly. I didn’t need others to hold me accountable or offer their constructive opinions. I was a solo act and merely required others to play their roles in the background of my life.

As I have matured on my journey, I have come to understand that God did not create us to live or work alone. God made us for a community and operating in isolation squanders our chances for connection. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says, “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”

Every significant human accomplishment is the result of a coordinated group effort. Whether or not one person or a team holds the trophy at the end of the game, it took the collective power of many to get them there. From the recorder to the speaker, to the organizer, no role is too small, and neither is insignificant. We need people in our lives to carry the load we weren’t meant to move. We need people to stand up and fill in gaps that our limitations leave open.

In life you are going to fall, face hardships and brokenness. Our finances may fail us, our health may be challenged, and the relationships we put our trust in may let us down. Our world will begin to seem smaller, and our problems will ultimately seem bigger. If we isolate ourselves, we will fill our minds with stories that will entrap us in sorrow or have us cling to others who pour into us from tainted cups.

The journey BEYOND begins the moment you understand, that the spiritual cost of isolation is high. You must confront what’s in you, to release what on you. Your breakthrough will occur the moment you accept the advocate of help and allow others to lift you. The value in your valley will be made clear the moment you come out of isolation.

I pray for your continued strength on your journey BEYOND. It is not easy, but you are worth the fight. Get connected to the source and feed your soul daily. You are never alone. All things are working for your good at all times.

Keep Going