Stop Believing What THEY Say

If you have been following “Jackson Family Values” on Instagram, you may be aware that their son Judah was the victim of a drowning accident over a month ago. Immediately the Doctors counted out this little boy and his ability to fully recover. As the days went on, they said he would always need the assistance of machines to breathe on his own, and many even said they would withdraw all medical care.

But God.

We have been fervently praying with people around the world for this family and Judah’s full recovery. Today, he was taken off all machines and moved to inpatient rehab; God has the final say.

I didn’t know what to write today, but if you needed a reminder that God is real, I came in your inbox to say we serve a living God.

I don’t care who counted you out. I don’t care who said you would never rise out of your situation. I don’t care who said you would never walk again. I serve a God who raised the dead. He is in the business of second chances.

Stop believing what THEY say, and trust HIS WORD. God is showing out all 2020 long, and He has the receipts to prove it. I expect miracles. I hope you do too.

Keep Going