Stay Ready

In the book The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, the army general and war strategist says that “all warfare is based on deception.” If you can correctly study your opponent and know their weaknesses, you will never lose a battle. Not only used in business, sports and fighting arenas around the world, but this book has also influenced and shaped the way war has been fought for ages.

I want to be clear; we are at war. And if we are to exercise authority during this season, we must understand that our struggles are not with social media, politicians, health care infrastructures, or our family members. Friend, we are in a spiritual war.

In the book of Ephesians, Paul not only gives us an account of the great majesty of Christ but, by Chapter 6: 10-18, he explains in detail the proper armor needed to fight in a war that is both invisible and spiritual.

To have the power to withstand the great deception we are faced with, we must be strong enough to stand. Girded with truth, hearts covered by righteousness, walking in peace, shielded by faith, covered by salvation, and wielding the word of God, we can bring a lethal assault to any warfare that may come our way.

Susan Taylor said, “We put our faith in the material world when the greatest power is in the nonvisible, spiritual world.” If you and I are to remain undamaged and unaffected by the visible things of this world, we must resist every trap of deception with prayer and supplication.

Playtime and pretending are over. Get in your battle stance and suit up in the full armor of God. The forces of darkness are real and present. If it’s a war the enemy wants, it’s a war the enemy will get.

Keep Going