Secure the Bag: Heal Your Life

This past weekend I was honored in DC with the Blossom Award by The White Dress Project. Founded by Tanika Gray Valbrun, the organization seeks to educate and advocate for Fibroid Awareness and Women’s Reproductive Health. As a woman living with fibroids, I was honored to stand alongside women who support  Black Women taking control of their health in all ways.

As I sat in the audience, I couldn’t help but think of how I was standing alongside the likes of Medical Doctors and even the former United States Surgeon General. Nothing but God. Not because these were Doctors, or because they reached high positions of power, but because I did my work; the healing work.

I had to lose the story I was telling myself and take 100% responsibility for my present life. I parted ways with the excuses, and I made a total commitment to heal from the inside out. Last but not least, I had to shed the emotional and physical weight of guilt, shame, and unforgiveness. I had to lose to win.

It’s not the cute stuff they show you on the Gram; it’s the ugly, intimate stuff. Not only does it force you to hold a mirror up to examine all the hard to reach places in your life, but it prompts you to uncover how it got there. Be patient with yourself; it’s hard but necessary.

While you secure the bag as we go into the next decade, I charge you to ensure your healing. Drop the ego and get the therapy you desperately need. It doesn’t make you crazy; it makes you a superhero. Learn your limits and begin to set clear boundaries in your life. I promise you; the good stuff will stay, and the rest will find its way out.

As I said on stage this weekend, my glow up is because of my growing up. My healing has made way for other women to create healing spaces for themselves, and for that, I am grateful. Stop waiting on the right time; somebody is waiting for you to break free.

Love and Grace,


Keep Going