Renewed Confidence

Recently, I was asked to be a part of an influencer campaign for a national brand. I had been speaking about and manifesting that God enlarges my territory, so I was elated when the opportunity came about. Although I didn’t see it coming in the form of a national campaign, I welcomed the opportunity. When they sent over the final specs for me to review, they made it clear that my Mother would need to be involved as well.

Having never been in the spotlight like that of my Father, my Mother tends to be a bit more guarded. Not that she is uncomfortable holding her own, or delivering in front of an audience; I believe she can be a bit critical of herself and talk herself out of her divine assignments.

Yesterday as we shot footage, I watched her illuminate as she talked of her resilience, her love for her children and the friendship we have grown to share. There were moments of tears and plenty of laughter as we shared on set. Standing beside her, I felt honored to be able to absorb her energy and light at that moment.

After the shoot wrapped, we got in the car to head back to the hotel. My mom reached over to grab my hand, and she said, “Thank you for the renewed confidence.” I smiled and said, “You are welcome.”

Most parents consider it their job to instill confidence in their children. They praise and encourage you from the moment you enter into the world, and they tell you all the beautiful things you will accomplish. They push you into greatness even when they don’t feel great themselves. Parenting is hard work, but there comes a day when you are renewed by the hard work.

The abundance I thought I was getting wasn’t in the form of a check when the day ended, but in knowing that because of me, my Mother got a renewed lease on life. She realized that no matter what her age or health challenges, God still wanted to use her. She planted seeds in her children that were now bearing fruit in ways even she couldn’t imagine. In other words, God has the final say.

I have no idea what the final project will look like, but I do know how it made my Mother feel. Sitting with her in the hotel having a cocktail as friends, I couldn’t help but feel joy. To love me, serve as my biggest cheerleader and high five me as a friend, she sacrificed her pleasures so I wouldn’t experience so much pain. In the end, I am because she is.

Whether you are Mother, sister or a friend, you deserve all the beauty and depth life has to offer. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother, and to all the Mothers who wear their crowns proudly. May this week offer you a peaceful renewal.

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