Reasons or Results

Boxing separates itself from other sports and athletes alike. An athlete must train for one-on-one quickness, accuracy, and endurance. Boxers study their opponents and work to be four to five moves ahead of them. Developing this fighting intelligence takes strategy and requires daily practice.

Training for endurance means conditioning yourself to withstand the physical and mental difficulty it takes to win. To get in the ring of life requires you to push hard. You will get knocked down, experience setbacks, and get hurt along the way, but you have to go until you have nothing left.

After his loss to Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali was interviewed and said, “The real champion can be hit, can be tagged, can be semi-unconscious, or out on his feet. He has a built-in radar that tells him that he’s out, but you have to know how to resuscitate yourself. One hard punch can’t finish a great fighter like me.”

Ali understood, one punch can take you down, but it’s not enough to keep you out. You know you were created for more. Its time to become intoxicated with your greatness. You can do more and perform at a level of excellence that surpasses your wildest dreams, but you have to take the limits off your life.

Dr. Robert Anthony said you could either have reasons or results. Be led by a compelling vision of success, and develop a strong enough reason to find a way to keep going, even when your back is against the ropes.

Keep Going