Prepare to Win

While standing in line at the grocery store, a magazine cover caught my attention. The cover read, How to Prepare for Any Disaster: 40 Real-Life Scenarios. Standing out from all the other magazine titles on the rack, it grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. As I got in the car, I began thinking of all the ways we should be prepared to receive divine blessings as opposed to disasters in our lives.

Preparation means knowing something is coming and preparing for its arrival. In other words, you have got to get clear on what you want so you can prepare for what’s to come.

Not to be limited to fitness and finance, preparation means creating a mental and emotional space to receive more. Removing the mental and emotional clutter and setting clear boundaries can be difficult, but it is necessary to get more from your life. The more you prepare, the less you will settle.

Spiritual, mental, and emotional preparation build your superpowers. It sharpens your skillset and creates within you confidence that can withstand outside criticism and silence any self-doubt. The more time you spend preparing for your wins, the less time you have to focus on others loses.

You have to anticipate success, just as you anticipate disasters. Blessings follow your belief. If you believe better is on the way, you will act accordingly. In the book Wealth for All, author Idowu Koyenikan says, “Opportunity doesn’t waste time with those who are unprepared.” Those who want more prepare for more.

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