Only Qualified People

When I was younger, I had no idea what the rap group Naughty by Nature was talking about when they wrote the song, “O.P.P.” I mean, I listened to it blasting on the radio and from car stereos as people rode through the neighborhood. Considered to be quite sexually explicit at the time, Naughty by Nature created a theme song for cheating and got millions of people to sing along.

As I expand my life, and yours, I decided to take a page out of their songbook and come up with my own acronym.

Only. Qualified. People or O.Q.P. is the phrase that will take all of us into our 2019 winning season.

When a place of employment is looking for persons to fill a job, they usually create a list of qualifications for anyone interested. This list typically shares the level of education, credentials, and experience needed to get the job.

The problem with many of you is, you have unqualified people holding key positions in your life. You are running business ideas by people, who have never started or led businesses. You are aligning the release of your weight, with people who are still holding onto theirs. To win in your life, you must have qualified people in it.

You have an unlimited amount of potential. Stop making settlements for less in your life. Expand your circle, ask for help, and seek out industry experts that can help elevate your thinking and your way of life.

There is a reason why you hire, coaches, doctors, and trainers. They have skills that you may not possess. Qualified people help you create a life of quality.

Stop holding on to relationships that no longer serve you. The moment you level up, you force others around you to either do the same or for you to move on.

Growth and change can be difficult, but it can also be liberating. As you set your intentions for the new year, I hope you are manifesting qualified people to hold space in your life. “You down with O.Q.P.? Yeah, you know me.”

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