One Year Wiser

On August 20th, my twin sister Karli and I celebrated our 36th birthday. Thirty-six times around the sun and I have never felt better. As we approached our big day, everyone was asking us, what our plans were. To be very honest, we had no plans at all.

Karli and I wanted to spend our birthday in places and with people that made us feel joy, connection and a sense of belonging. We decided to get smoothies and go workout with our fellow gladiators in our afternoon training session at the gym. Later on, my brother Ben planned a three-course raw vegan meal for us in his and Karli’s home. Simple and yet so satisfying.

As I was gearing up for this birthday, I started setting my intentions for the type of year I wanted to have and the things I wanted to accomplish. The longer I thought, the more I decided I didn’t want to focus my list on any material things. Trust me, I love a good pair of shoes and a cute handbag, but those things no longer move me the way they once did. Instead, I wanted to set a list of intentions for me to become more spiritually human and deeply connected to the world around me.

Over the course of this last year, I have been fired from a job, started a business, disconnected myself from family members, got silent, pushed my body harder and loved myself stronger. I have wept for those souls that have ascended to another plane and prayed for the strength of those who have been left behind to endure life without them.

I had experienced great financial hardships this year and held my head high when my bank account should have forced me into hiding. I had learned that my most significant moments had come not when money was involved, but when love, spirit, and truth shined its way through in my life. The more honest and vulnerable I was with others, the more available I was to receive a much-needed blessing.

Often, I tell people that what they see on the outside of me, is just a manifestation of what is on the inside of me. The test, trials by fire and challenges, have only come to make me stronger and a much better teacher on the journey of wellness. My glow up is merely the by-product of my grow-up.

For me to walk in my highest calling, I have to become the highest version of myself, in mind, body, and soul. The more I strive to become a better person, friend, lover and teacher, the more doors of love and abundance open in my life.

I am forever grateful for those who have stayed in my life and those who have departed graciously from it. I am thankful for every challenge that forced me out of my comfort zone and propelled me into my evolution.

My journey BEYOND this year has forced me to relax, release and be available. On my list of intentions #21 says, “Be available to listen, speak, hear, learn, teach, grow, be still and move when needed.”  Simple and yet so satisfying. One year older, and thankful to be one year wiser. Thank you to all of you who picked up this life book in the middle of Chapter 35; Chapter 36 is already starting off to be a good one.  I pray more light, more love and more divine connections in all of your lives.

Keep Going