One Year Wiser – A Tribute

I want you to know just how grateful I am to share my life and purpose with you. Although I feel like I am getting older, I honestly feel like I’m just getting started.

Today, I honor my mother. On this day 37-years ago her life changed. Through her sacrifice, determination, and unyielding love, she birthed two girls into the world. Unsure of her faith and how she would manage such a task, she rose to the occasion. In spite of all the cards stacked against her throughout her life; she persevered. Her ability to raise influential leaders when the world wanted to capture us as followers prove that she is not to be played with.

Sacrifice goes hand and hand with love. Jesus showed us that when he took up the cross and walked boldly to Calvary. My mother sacrificed her wants to ensure we never had a need. Love is so kind.

There is no doubt in my mind, why the Creator has endowed me for such a time as this. I get to wake up in my purpose, live my dreams, and inspire others to do the same. God is so kind.

On my birthday, I give thanks. Thank you, Karli, for being my lifelong partner and friend. Thank you for standing by me and showing the world the true meaning of sisterhood. We are better together. And to each of you who journey with me BEYOND HER, thank you for holding me accountable and allowing me to rise higher. I am because you are.

Be patient and kind to yourself this week. I love you deeply.

Love and Grace,

Keep Going