Obey, Surrender, and Receive

Yesterday while driving, I had a moment of frustration. The car in front of me was not paying attention and slept the light. Like many of us who are in the constant hustle and bustle of life, I was a bit anxious. I honked my horn more than once and grimaced that the driver didn’t act swiftly. I mean, didn’t they understand that I was already late for my evening boot camp class.

While I was having my moment in the car, a homeless man was standing next to my window. He saw my expression and decided to intervene in my affairs. With a smile on his face, he said, “Stop that road rage.” Initially, I was annoyed and proceeded to roll my window up. Instantly, I reminded myself that God is always speaking to us. It is our job to listen.

Sitting at the light took more time than I expected, but it gave me a chance to slow down and breathe. I was not going to get there any faster, and clearly, the Divine Spirit was keeping me safe from something in that moment. When I composed myself and refreshed my attitude, I smiled and gave the man next to my car the peace sign. It was my way of thanking him for his extended grace.

Life is always speaking and moving you in the direction of your highest calling, but you must become obedient. You may not feel like adjusting your attitude when the small still voice tells you to hit your chill, but that small change could be the difference between life and death. Your ability to quickly switch gears can be the very thing that opens a new door of opportunity, but if your ears are closed to the voice of the Divine Spirit, you will miss out every single time.

This week, I want you to attune your heart to the heart of God. Spend time in meditation and quiet reflection and ask the Divine Spirit to order every one of your steps. Surrender to the perfect will of God and know that everything is working together for your good. Ask for continued discipline and wisdom to discern your emotions from the voice of God. Whether you are in the car, on your job, in your marriage, or at the bank; God is circulating opportunities to bless you. It’s time to obey so you can receive the life God has for you.

Keep Going