No Warmup Required

When I was a Spin Instructor years ago, the first song I would play would always serve as the warmup. It would be something upbeat but not too fast. I wanted the riders to get acquainted with the bike, the ride ahead and prepare their minds for what to expect. Some days I focused on climbing hills, while others I had an emphasis on sprints. No matter what I planned, I always made sure we had a warmup.

With a typical warmup lasting anywhere from 5-20 minutes, it serves as both the mental and physical component before engaging in aerobic exercise. Athletes that have a chance to prepare to endure high stress and physical duress mentally will outperform those who don’t. And studies have proven that when the blood is flowing and the joints are loose, you are less prone to injury. A warmup does the body and the mind a world of good.

Here’s where I think we make a mistake in our lives. We spend so much time warming up that we never make it into the game. You know what I mean, we say things like, “When I make more money, I will be able to take a trip.” “When the kids go off to college, I can focus on writing my book.” “When I lose weight, I will be ready to start my business.” All of these warmup phrases lead to people living lukewarm lives.

Everything that has ever happened to you, whether it was painful, humiliating, traumatizing, or tragic, it has served as the ultimate warmup session. You have been fortified with grace, grit, and resilience, to persevere and get on with the business of life. Seriously, get in the game!

You don’t have any more time to waste. Your highest calling is knocking on the door of your life, and you will no longer answer with a warmup response. Repeat after me, “I’m up, I’m in, it’s time for me to begin.”

Today is game day and your greatness awaits. There is no warmup required, get up, get in, and begin.

Keep Going