My Garden Grows

In 1991, McDonald’s launched a series of Happy Meal toys called Nature’s Watch. Designed to coincide with Earth Day, and to get children out of the house to experience nature, the toys became instant collectibles. Presented in a recycled bag that included tips on how to preserve your outside world, this happy meal came as a total experience.

One of the gifts I received during that campaign was a potted tree. My Grandfather decided to plant that tree in the back yard of his house. For the last 28 years, that tree has been rooted and continues to grow. Although the planter is no longer present on Earth, what he planted still lives on.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we are all gardeners. In this lifetime, we grow food for ourselves, for others, but most importantly, we grow food for our souls. Although gardening is rewarding, it requires our vision, patience, hope, and expectation.

There is beauty in seeing one tree, but to have a vision, one must see an entire forest. Tapping into your vision means you are willing to trust the process no matter how long it takes. You may not see the final product in your lifetime, but what you have planted will have exponential growth.

A gardener can hold tiny seeds in their hand and expect those seeds to manifest into edible food, medicine, or lush foliage that adds some extra beauty to the Earth. In other words, we are transmitters of our faith. You must believe the seeds you are sowing will bear great fruit for your life and others.

Just as my Grandfather planted that tree almost 30 years ago, you too are planting trees in your life. Be mindful of your thoughts and choose your words with care; they are the seeds that help your garden grow.

Love and Grace,


Keep Going