Meet God Halfway

As a teenager, my crew, “The Fab 4” consisted of my sister Karli, and friends Jessica and Heather. Never real party girls, our Friday and Saturday nights involved dinner and a trip to the bookstore. We would grab a sugar-filled cappuccino, a stack of books, and camp out in one of the aisles until closing.

With the freedom that can only be found on the pages of books, I discovered the poetry of Javan, and the words of Sister Souljah. The bookstore became a haven for my tribe of awkward Black girls who thrived on words, mystery, stories, and verses.

When I reflect on people standing in line and selling out of all my books at Barnes & Noble in my hometown this past Sunday, I can’t help but be in awe of God’s bounty. I didn’t know it then, but each time I sat on the floor of that bookstore, God was planting seeds in my life. And although it would take years to grow and cultivate, the harvest was worth the patience and sacrifice of the journey.

Throughout my entire life, I have found safety and love on the pages of books. Books introduced me to a whole new world. Books have changed my life.

In the book Meet Me Halfway, the poet Javan says, “Many people complain life never gave them chances. We are given life; we must take the chances.” Your health, your dreams, and your freedom are worth taking a chance on.

God is planting some seeds in your life that may take more time than you thought. It may require more money than you anticipated, and it may not even be the path you thought you would take. Don’t give up. Fertile soil looks like dirt to the human eye, but to the Divine, it is merely a dream incubator.

Keep Going