Mediocrity Will Kill You

I was not an exceptional student in high school and college. While I thrived in subjects like History and English, I loathed the very thought of walking into Math and Science. In those classes, I did just enough to get by and pass the class. If I received a C in the course, I was content. When I look back at those classes, there was a common thread. I put forth minimal effort, I sat by students who were unmotivated to excel, and I talked myself out of studying to become better each day.

Over the years, I have taken countless classes, gotten numerous certifications and invested large sums of money into my personal development. I have learned through much trial and error that average is just as close to the bottom as it is the top and good enough will never turn into great.

How we choose to show up in the world and for ourselves, is the direct reflection of the negotiations we make with mediocrity. The more we spend time with mediocre people, we waste energy and space in our lives that could be filled with profound connections and impact. Each time we lower our standards and make excuses as to why we are not our best, we lower our frequency and vibrate on mediocre channels.

Let’s be clear; mediocrity is offensive to your divine purpose. Most people never do what’s difficult, they take the easy road and relegate themselves to a routine that has a minimal payoff. Just think; each time you write the recipe, publish the book, show up for training, or travel to new places, there are millions of people who don’t. The competition for greatness is low because most people are fighting for participation prizes.

Stop fighting for the scraps of mediocrity. Work diligently on yourself, learn all you can and accept responsibility for everything in your life. Remember, winners act like winners long before they become winners; that’s why they win. As Napoleon Hill once said, “No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it.”

You are either living in your answered prayers or living out your concocted nightmares. The choice is yours to elevate and free your life. I left my average life a long time ago when I decided to step into the arena of my greatness. Your greatness is waiting for you to stop drinking from the cup of mediocrity and sip on the warmth of success.

Keep Going