Make It Rain

The ancient art of rainmaking has been practiced spiritually around the world for centuries. From each continent on the planet, millions of people have believed in the power of creating or holding off rain for seasons, weddings, and outdoor events. In African culture, rainmaking represented the sacred relationship between humans and the Divine.

Viewed as an extraordinary gift and the most explicit expression of Gods goodness and love; rain falls when the ancestors and gods are pleased. It was never considered unusual to communicate with the cosmic force of God and command the elements; it was natural.

Along with chanting, praying, and fasting, Shamans who pray for rain, are highly skilled and educated in weather patterns and environmental elements. They have worked for years to home in on their abilities and show great courage in their calling. In other words, to see rain, rainmakers have to become diligent in their pursuit to make it rain.

The Universe is not a respecter of fake words or temporary self-doubt. It hears what you say and responds accordingly. If you speak negatively of yourself and others, surely it will rain down buckets of negativity in your life. The same is true when you speak kindly to yourself and about others. The gentle rain comes down in your life. You are your ultimate weatherman.

What if you trained yourself just as the Shamans have? By becoming skilled in the weather patterns and environmental elements in your life, you will begin to notice how your body, mind, and circumstances transform. In the words of Florence Scovill Shinn, you will start to use your words like a wand.

John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” Our words control our destiny and ultimately, our future. If you want to have loving relationships, a healthy marriage, financial freedom to bless yourself and others, or a healthy body, you have to speak it daily.

I want to task you with only speaking the things you want to see, and none of what you don't. Watch the weather patterns and check your surroundings. I guarantee you will begin to see all the miracles of rain unfold right before your eyes. The God for the rain.

Keep Going