Living Your Dreams Takes Courage

While being interviewed on the radio about my book last week, the host repeatedly stated that I was extremely courageous for writing a book like Breakthrough Sold Separately. He said, to write a book this honest and transparent takes real courage. As I left the interview, his words lingered in my mind, and I began to think about what really made me courageous.

Most people think that to exhibit courage one must look danger in the face or use your superpowers to ward off some great human attack. Although those acts do require bravery, we often fail to realize that our most courageous act is our pursuit of purpose.

Lack of self-esteem and suffocated by the opinions of others, I use to play myself short and small. From not applying to certain programs in my youth, to starting and stopping a blog called Daily Triumphs in 2008 and staying in a job long after my time was up; I lived without courage for a great portion of my life.

Writing this newsletter every week, creating Beyond Her, and self-publishing Breakthrough Sold Separately forced me to swallow a big pill of courage. Each week you all serve as my accountability partners. I am held accountable to write from my heart and tell the stories that will heal and transform us all. This doesn’t mean I don’t get scared; I absolutely do. I just understand, that for me to win big, I must befriend my fears and meet courage on the road to success.

E.E. Cummings once said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” This week I want you to focus all of your intentions on becoming the person God called you to be before other people began to call you something else. Remember, courageous people, make a way, while others simply make excuses.

Keep Going