Life Your Life in the Middle

This past Sunday, while sitting at lunch with friends, we received the news that legendary basketball star, Kobe Bryant, lost his life in a fatal helicopter crash. Alongside him, where his 13-year old daughter Gianna and seven other people. For the entire day, we all walked around in a fog of disbelief.

Never having met him, my heart ached for his family and all those who felt the earthquake of grief. I kept thinking what his final moments must have been like as he and those aboard braced themselves for their last flight.

As a Husband of 19-years, Father, Humanitarian, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Academy Award winner, Kobe did more than live; Kobe left his mark on the world. Although many will never know what we did on the day we were born or the day we died, they will remember what we did in the middle. Kobe taught us how to live in the middle.

You have something that the world needs, and you must unleash it on the world. Your significance and impact are built in the middle of your life, and it’s time to live as though your life matters.

You may not have a shrine erected at the news of our passing, or garner 24-hour coverage on global media outlets, but your life still holds great significance. What you say, what you do, and how you impact others will be what people remember most. Don’t cheat anyone out of the experience.

Kobe will go down in history as a legend, but you are a walking, talking, miracle. You have been stamped and verified to achieve everything your heart desires. It’s time to stop playing small and live life big in the middle.

Keep Going