Let’s Stop Cheating Ourselves

While working out the other day, our small group was broken up into relay teams. Each team member was to sprint down to the far wall while pulling a weighted sled, make a quick turn and bring it right back to your teammate who was waiting at the starting line. As simple as this sounds, it was quite a grueling workout. It required speed, endurance, and a lion heart.

With each sprint, bear crawl and shuffle, catching our breath became harder to do. Fatigue set in and our legs felt like we were sprinting with cemented feet. Nothing but a heart and a desire to see it through to the end could keep you focused during a workout like that.

As one of the women from the other lane inched closer to the finish line, she stood up and began to walk her sled across the line as opposed to finishing the sprint. Watching this, I immediately yelled to her, “You’re just cheating yourself.” She postured herself to complete the exercise and crossed the line.

Driving home later that evening, I thought about all the ways we cheat ourselves in our lives. We don’t just cheat on our workouts; we take shortcuts in our health, our relationships and our businesses. We slow down and walk when we should be running, and we do less when we should be doing more.

The average person is programmed to achieve less than their potential and receive less than they are worth. More often than not, that programmed mindset spills out into every area of our lives. Ultimately, we get a half-assed version of ourselves and the lives we want to lead.

Everything in our lives cost us something, but to cheat ourselves in life cost us even more. We usually pay in stagnation, lack of peace and missed opportunities. Why would I cheat myself, when I am the sole benefactor of my life? I deserve the most significant return on my most considerable investment.

The other day I journaled, “I will not settle for half blessings. I want the full-sized blessings God has for my life.” To get the super-sized blessings, we must be willing to do the super-sized work.

God wants to give you all the desires of your hearts, but you have to meet him with all of your efforts. The more you cheat and shortcut your life, the more you say to God, “send me the half blessings, I am not ready for the full-size blessings just yet.”

Upon waking up each day, the Creator has given you permission to prosper. It doesn’t matter if it’s your daily workout, a meeting with potential investors or creating harmony in your relationship, do it all with heart and soul. The level to which you prosper will be determined by your unwillingness to cheat yourself out of your abundance.

The journey BEYOND begins with the journey within. Take a long hard look at yourself, your goals and your intentions, and ask yourself the hard questions. Am I cheating myself? Am I falling short of the finish line because I stop running too soon? Am I investing enough in myself and my dreams to expect a real return?

In the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino writes, “Bathe me in good habits that the bad ones may drown.” Make a habit of going the extra mile and giving yourself YOUR maximum effort. Each time you do this, you drown mediocrity and swim in the pool of greatness. 

The moment you decide you deserve more, cheating becomes a non-negotiable. No matter if you run, trot, sprint or glide, if your dreams are important enough you will find a way to cross the finish line.

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Love and Grace,


5 Affirmations to Push You Across the Finish Line

  1. I am capable of anything I put my mind, body, and soul to.
  2. I complete all my task with grace and ease.
  3. My next opportunity is across the finish line.
  4. My willpower is strong.
  5. I am wired for success.

Keep Going