Let’s Get Routed

Anyone who lives in Atlanta knows just how blatantly disrespectful Atlanta traffic is. If you are anything like me, you live by apps like Waze to help you get to your destination as quickly as possible. I love this driving app because its accuracy is impeccable, and the turn by turn assistance gets you exactly where you need to be.

Having relied on the Waze app for much of my in-town travels needs, I have become accustomed to some of the back routes it uses to get me home, and to the gym. It could be my impatience but, nothing annoys me more than to hear the noise on the speaker indicating that I am being rerouted. I think to myself, could this possibly be a faster route?  Why can’t I just stay on the road that I am familiar with? A left turn at this intersection is way too complicated.

Redirecting is not a bad thing, and often it is the best thing for our lives. Since moving to Atlanta, 11-years ago, I have been redirected numerous times along my journey. Each time, I have thought to myself, this isn’t right; something must be wrong.

Once upon a time, I had dreams of becoming an IFBB Pro Figure Competitor. After competing in 2008 and placing 2nd, I went back into the gym with a vengeance. I wanted to win. I got stronger, put on more muscle and then I injured my back. The injury forced me out of the gym for quite some time. During which, I began working for the Harvey Foundation. I planned my route, and all of a sudden, I was being redirected.

For seven years, I stayed on that path at the Foundation and then last summer, I was fired. Initially, I was humiliated, and I felt like a failure. This was my family business, and I was being forced out. I decided very quickly, I needed to change my perspective. This NO was my opportunity to say YES to my dreams. There was a better plan, but it required me to be rerouted to find it.

God is the ultimate GPS system. Through roadblocks, traffic jams, and accidents, the Creator shows us that our faith must be fortified if we intend to live boldly. Test and trials prove that our internal power has been higher all along.  Deuteronomy 33:25 says, “As thy days are, so shall thy strength be.” 

Nothing that fully serves you leaves you. When you get rejected by people, lose a job, or face extreme opposition, God is merely protecting you from what you can’t see. You may think things are going wrong, but God is working on your behalf to protect your heart, your mind, and your potential.

Take the limits off of God. Just as you trust that voice in your car to get you safely to your final destination, you have to be willing to trust God when you can’t trace God. You are on the fastest route. With each turn by turn instruction, you must believe that God’s grace is sufficient, and you are on the best path.

The journey BEYOND begins the moment God says NO. You are merely being rerouted. Stop trying to hold on to a dead relationship. Break the habit of working in unworkable conditions. Forget about dimming your light and playing small, so others feel big. No need to fear, your GPS is finding another way to get to the destination. Trust the process and learn all the lessons you must to elevate. The Divine Spirit is always working on your behalf. Turn on your GPS and get rerouted.

Keep Going