Just Try

During our group training session at the gym yesterday afternoon, we had to do a series of hang cleans. If you are not familiar with this exercise, it requires you to lift a weighted bar off the ground in a snatching motion, all while quickly opening your hips and tucking your elbows tightly under the bar. The steps sound easy enough, but as the weight increases, so does the amount of pressure.

When we see someone in the group second guess themselves or say what they “can’t do,” we immediately challenge them to turn it up a notch. Yesterday, it was no different for my sister Karli. When the time came for her to attempt the heaviest hang clean, she instantly told herself what she was incapable of doing it. She talked herself out of trying and stayed lifting the lighter weight. At that moment I repeated to her, “You won’t know until you try.”

On her first attempt, she cleared the weight. Everyone in the gym cheered and applauded. She set a new personal record for herself. She was proud of herself, and we were as well. Other women who had not tried that weight before attempted and lifted it with ease too. What a great feeling to witness your teammates soar to heights they had never gone before.

The moment you take the leap of faith in your life, you first show the world that you are courageous, and you have guts. Then you prove to yourself that you are capable of doing more and receiving more. Just imagine if you tried something more challenging and it stretched you so far out of your comfort zone that you got something new in return. You know, new blessings, new promotions, better circumstances, and healthier relationships. Don’t you love the sound of new, I know I do?

You can no longer allow fear of the unknown to cripple you. Whether if it’s a new workout or a new business venture, no one ever accomplished anything of great significance standing on the sidelines watching others play the game. The real winners show the battle scars and tell the stories of a game well played. Love yourself enough to try and believe in yourself enough to keep working until it becomes a part of you. Don’t shoot for good this week, play for great.

Keep Going