It’s Time to Heal from Broken Bones

When a bone breaks in the body, it is quite often due to excessive force, a traumatic situation, or it shatters when the bone becomes fragile. As soon as the body experiences the break, it wants to protect the injured area. For the bone to heal, it must be held in its correct position and be protected. The body forms a protective blood clot and callus around the fracture to ensure new threads of bone cells begin to grow back where the fracture occurred.

Although I have never experienced a broken bone, I have had a few times in my life where it felt like it had torn apart. From the emotional absence of my Father to the men who were unavailable to love me fully, to the job I put so much of my heart into; life seemed to break quite easily. I understand now; there had to be breaking for there to be healing.

As I complete the final stages of my book, I have been thinking a lot about the breaking process. From Jesus breaking bread for the disciples as a semblance of his broken body to the breaking of family pathologies, I have come to learn that if anything is to be healed, it must first be broken.

The healing process can be long and tedious, and some fractures can take years to repair fully, but I know that while you are healing, you are fully protected. Just like the body forms a hedge of protection around the broken bone, God has built a supernatural force field of protection around you.

You may no longer be invited to places, your friendships may shift, and the family unit you once placed your hope in may not offer you the peace you seek. I want you to know its okay. Man’s rejection is God’s protection. God has paid some blessed insurance for you. The Creator must protect you as the body protects the bone.

Your brokenness is a process, but it’s God’s gift to you. Lean not on your own understanding, but trust in the full process of what a healed outcome can look like. The breakthrough is sold separately, but it is worth every dime. Just like I believed God for my healing, I believe the Divine for yours.

Love and Grace,


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