God Showed Out in 2019

Can I say God showed all the way out in 2019!

From launching my first national campaign with beauty brand- Vaseline to publishing my first book, and it debuted at #1 on Amazon in Personal Transformation, to selling out at my first Barnes & Noble book signing.

Trust me when I say, I could not have planned this at the beginning of 2019.

The biggest lesson I learned this year is that if you are obedient to the Divine Spirit of God, blessings have no choice but to rain down in your life. Stop playing small, and stop talking yourself out of your miracles. You are God revealed on the Earth. Blessings are your birthright.

My prayer is that you find your breakthrough, your healing, your love, and all the peace you deserve in 2020.

Let’s make this the best year and decade of our lives!

Enjoy a sneak peek into our new series digital and podcast series My Wellness Is The Revolution  https://youtu.be/OHZBf8OWroQ coming soon.

I love you deeply. Have a safe and prosperous New Year!

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