Give From the Heart

When we were little girls, my twin sister, Karli, displayed a natural talent for hairstyling. She had a gift for it when we were as young as nine years old. When we went to the salon to get our hair done, the owner would let us play with the mannequin heads. I didn't have much patience for it, but Karli would do meticulous finger waves and roller sets. It came easily to her. It was a gift.

After college, Karli went to Vidal Sassoon in Los Angeles and worked as a hairstylist for a decade. While most people don't know this about her, she has used her gift to make women around the world feel beautiful about themselves, and many leave out of her chair with more confidence. As she boldly told her clients, “Looking good is not a want, but a necessity.”

This weekend while we were home in Cleveland, Karli became a hairstylist again. She pulled out her scissors to trim, cut, and style women who needed a boost in their esteem. These older women who once traveled the world and turned heads are unable to do basic things for themselves, but they still wanted to feel pretty.

I watched these women come to life as they sat with Karli. When she finished with their hair, and they looked in the mirror, and they were proud of what they saw. They had fallen in love with themselves all over again.

When you are operating in your passion and genuinely love what you do, you don't mind sharing your gift with others. It makes your soul happy to give. Whether it’s making people feel beautiful, sharing your heart of compassion, or leading with grace, our job is live purpose-driven lives.

Proverbs 19:21 (NIV) says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” The Creator has a purpose for every one of us, and it is our most important job to uncover it and use it to our best ability. In return, we become a blessing to others.

Love cost us nothing but gives us everything in return. Walk in your purpose this week and share your gifts from the heart. The world needs all that you have.

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