Find Your Reason to Love

I encountered so much beauty this weekend while attending the Centennial celebration of Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. We were charged during the Opening Gala on Friday, by Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge to ‘’find our reason why’’ we joined the sisterhood, and I believe it held us to the task until the end of the weekend.

From Congresswomen to judges, engineers to authors, to pastors and influencers. All beautiful, all accomplished, all Black women with a notion that they will leave their mark on the world. Standing in an unbroken circle of love on Saturday night, we held the hand of our sister, no title, no pretense. Just sacred in our own divinity and power. We honored God. We honored one another. We acknowledged our triumphs, our disappointments, and we honored our love.

When I looked around the room on Saturday night, I believe we all found our why.

Time has the power to create wounds, but time also can heal wounds. What if you never get that apology. What if you never receive that invitation. What if you never win the vote. Letting go can be hard, but it’s necessary.

There is always more that is available to you. More love, more money, more time, more resources, but to get more, you must be willing to risk more.

You want more love, give your love without conditions. You want more time, get up earlier. You want more money, start tithing ten percent of your income. The Universe operates in congestion or circulation. Do you have more love to give to the world?

We all want to feel more love and compassion. Find your reason to give more love this week.

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