Find Your Purpose

When I was in the fourth grade, I dressed up as a businesswoman for Halloween. I was so proud to wear my navy skirt, white blouse and a red bolero jacket that belonged to my Mother. With a briefcase in hand, I marched into Caledonia Elementary School like I owned the place. In a room filled with ghost, goblins and masked avengers, I knew I was different.

My teacher surprised at my appearance asked me what my costume was. I looked her in her eyes and said with a matter of fact, “I’m a businesswoman.” She smiled with delight and told me that I looked terrific. Later on, she paraded me around to all of the other classrooms to show the other teachers. I felt so much pride as I strolled those halls that day. I wasn’t wearing a costume; I was walking into my purpose.

Our purpose is our divine assignment and the why in our lives. Before we plan anything, we must first find our purpose. To find it, we have to tap into the source of the Divine Spirit of God. This has nothing to do with religion; it has everything to do with getting silent long enough to hear the truth of where we are supposed to go.

Often, what happens is we listen to what everyone else’s opinion for our lives. Our parents tell us we would be much better suited as a doctor when our passion is to pursue our culinary dreams. Our significant others say we should stay in our high paying corporate job, so we can continue to pay for our luxury trips and cars, even though our soul is calling us to something higher.

Silencing the critics is the first thing you must do for your purpose to be revealed. You will not be able to hear the voice of Spirit if you are inundated with the chatter of other people’s voices. Remember, the small still voice speaks in your voice, and you will recognize it very clearly when you are still and silent long enough to hear it.

People will try to put things on you they are not willing to put on themselves. They will shovel their opinions onto you, and before you know it, you are wallowing in a pool of other people’s beliefs and living in a grave of disappointments. The moment you second guess your purpose you commit spiritual suicide and reroute yourself on the road to your divine destiny.

The journey BEYOND begins the moment you stop questioning yourself and make the commitment to live a purpose driven life. There is no cosign necessary, and the debt has already been paid. God has already marked your life with passion, favor, and provisions. You have to get still and walk in your truth. Your greatness is just waiting on you to be still, be silent and show up as the person your meant to be. Your light has been shining since the beginning. It’s time to turn it up.

Keep Going