Change the Pace

Once upon a time, I was the Queen of jet-setting. Every week I was flying from one city to the next, racking up an enormous amount of sky miles and staying in some of the swankiest hotels across the country. I was on the list, and I was in the room. I was living the life; unfortunately, it didn’t feel like mine.

In 2017, all of the travelings began slowing down, and I was finding myself at home more often. My platinum airline status crept its way into gold, and my travel agent wasn’t putting me on the list for all the hottest hotel and restaurant openings. I wasn’t booked and busy anymore, but for some reason, I felt blessed. My life was changing. My pace was changing.

We live under a weight of demands in our culture to do more, feel less and hustle harder. Many of our physical and emotional problems are triggered as we try to go faster and keep up with everyone else’s pace. As we try to keep up with others, we feel inadequate, resentful and doubtful in our abilities.

We lose sleep in the name of the hustle and put self-care on the back burner to simmer, even when our life is on full boil. Yes, life requires us to show up and give it our all but, sometimes our all means slowing down.

To find the rhythm in your life, you have to take the time to pause. Pressing pause in your life allows you the freedom to be WITH the moment and not IN the moment. When you step away, not only will you recharge your energy, but you will change your vantage point. You will see that the things that once served you, no longer do, and the people you once counted on as your source simple become a resource.

When you change your pace, you allow yourself time to reflect on your life. In moments of reflection, you can learn the lessons of past mistakes and begin to deepen your perspective. When you reflect on the small daily successes, you will spend less time focusing on the insignificant failures.

The journey BEYOND begins the moment you become at peace with your own your pace. Don’t assume that doing more is better. Sometimes we have to do less so God can do more. Listen for instructions, accelerate when needed and slow down when you have to. Just remember, your new life is going to cost you your old one. Get ready to change the pace.

Keep Going