Boss Women are Brave Women

This past Saturday night, I was honored as a Boss Woman of the Year. Sitting next to the other honorees, the likes of which included; a President of a Fortune 500 company, successful entrepreneurs with products in thousands of retail stores and women who have created legacies for themselves that extend around the globe; it was surreal. At that moment, I knew God was dreaming a bigger dream than I could have ever imagined for myself.

Each one of the Boss Women faced some major setback in their career journey, experienced hardships in relationships and even suffered through moments of self-doubt. These women felt the guilt of motherhood pressing as they forged ahead in their work life and also took leaps of faith when others advised differently. These women were more than BOSS Women, they were BRAVE Women, and I was a brave woman too.

As I talked about my self-care and spiritual practices, I knew I wasn’t giving the typical answers of a “Spiritual Black Woman.” I spoke of Christ Consciousness, our oneness with the Creator and our keen ability to take the wheel of our own lives; all while sitting next to the First Lady of a mega church.

While I had many head nods of agreement around the room, I could see some of the older women give me blank stares of disbelief. Although I was sharing my journey with the Divine Creator, I felt a little nervous as I left the stage. I knew it didn’t fall in line with or mimic the belief system of my Mother or Grandmother but, bravery comes when we are willing to tell our truth no matter who or what we encounter.

Courage will cost you. You may disappoint other’s, and some people may become uncomfortable with your decisions. You will challenge beliefs and draw a line in the sand of many relationships, but that’s okay. In the end, those people will not lull you to sleep at night but, telling the truth of your soul will give you peace and rest.

Fear will always be there, but it takes the courage of epic proportions to surpass cultural norms. You may lose a few fans but gaining the freedom of another individual who felt bound by the weight of spiritual chains will reach far BEYOND a single room. It will transcend generations.

I am flattered to be a Boss Woman of the Year, but I am more honored to be on the front lines with all the other brave women who are grounded, deliberate and exhibit courageous behavior.  Each time we exercise bravery and tell the stories of our hearts, we open up the windows of the soul and let the sunshine in our lives and the lives of others.

Keep Going