Appointment with Destiny

Sitting in my quiet time this morning, I began thinking about all of the appointments I needed to make before I leave for Arizona. I pondered away about dry cleaning, waxing, and my nails during my meditation. Here I am thinking about my to-do list, and I’m supposed to be communing with God!

As I sat there lost in the sauce, the Divine dropped something in my spirit; “You have an appointment with destiny.” I wrote it down and sat with the thought for a few minutes. What if I woke up with the belief that every day, I have an appointment with my destiny?

Each day millions of people wake up unsure of who they are and unaware of what they have been placed here to accomplish. They go to jobs they hate, eat lunch with people they don’t like, sit in traffic for hours, and go home to toxic relationships; all to get up and do it again the next day. If this is you, lay hands on yourself and say, “Today, I have an appointment with my destiny.”

Living an unfulfilled, mediocre life is easy. It doesn’t take any guts to pretend away your pain, bury your feelings or show up broken. What does take guts is healing, confronting trauma and digging up the emotional roots that were meant to kill you. Today, you have an appointment with destiny.

You are being called higher, but you must listen to where God is leading you. Your destiny may not be attached to your family, current friends or the places you frequent. Your divine appointment may be on the road you have yet to travel, and with people, you have yet to encounter. Stop focusing your efforts on the “how to” and commit yourself to the vision of mountains moving and God working on your behalf.

This week the only appointments we’re canceling are the ones that no longer serve us, the ones that waste our time and the ones that confuse our faith and mix it with doubt. You have a standing appointment with destiny, be on time and don’t miss it.

Keep Going